Writer & Director                  Johnny Royal

Writer & Director
Johnny Royal

Illuminated was first conceived of when Writer & Director Johnny Royal was introduced by Masonic Historian Adam Kendall in the fall of 2017, to Author Josef Wages, about Wages’ groundbreaking book, The Secret School of Wisdom: The Authentic Ritual and Doctrines of the Illuminati. There had never been a thorough and historically accurate film made of the world’s most controversial secret society, the Illuminati.

With Executive Producer Angel Thompson on board, Praetorian Motion Pictures began laying the groundwork for what would become Illuminated, by meeting with and interviewing several experts and historians on the Illuminati, throughout Germany and the United States over the course of 2018. Praetorian Motion Pictures brought on Director of Photography, Daryl Gilmore, Producer Dago Rodriguez, and many other talented people in the film industry who Royal had worked with on his feature film debut, 33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry.

Illuminated features the true historical account of the Illuminati, exposes the actual rituals of the secret society, and answers the age-old question of whether or not the order still exists.

The film has received critical acclaim from Variety and ABC News. Illuminated will screen theatrically in 500 theaters across the United States on July 30th, 2019, followed by a global theatrical and on Demand Release around the world.